Austin and you may MODOK’s nights out concluded having a trip to Arcade’s Arcade

The business appeared to be a good nod in order to Arcade; a keen assassin with an affection to possess complex deathtraps, whom made an effort to kill of several superheroes (mainly the X-Men) together with his fatal theme-parks. Arcade and additionally appeared from inside the event seven, “O, Were Blood Thicker Than simply Robot Juice,” in which he was rented because of the MODOK’s early in the day care about to run MODOK along with his family courtesy his current Murderworld.

Pym Particles

Found because of the Hank Pym, the initial Ant-Boy, Pym Dirt are designed for increasing otherwise reducing the bulk and you may scale of every number, and come up with one thing shrink otherwise grow. MODOK advertised getting reverse engineered brand new Pym Particle and you can improved it for making his own superior formula to own a shrinking pill. (Undoubtedly, the new superiority lay in the undeniable fact that his pills are chewable.)

Kirby College

It actually was shown inside the occurrence dos, “The fresh new MODOK That point Forgot!,” you to MODOK and his spouse basic came across when they have been each other college students within Kirby University. This can be a beneficial nod in order to MODOK co-writer and comics legend Jack Kirby, who had been responsible for co-creating quite a few of Surprise Comics’ most fascinating heroes and you may villains.

Some Marvel Items

If you are raiding a good S.H.We.E.L.D. shop studio to recoup A why confiscated date servers, MODOK stumbled across another notable circumstances. These types of incorporated Professor Charles Xavier’s Cerebro head protection (which after that improved their telepathic efforts), the best Nullifier (that has been very strong it absolutely was the only weapon Galactus, Devourer regarding Globes dreadful), and you can De- episode, MODOK mentioned this new Cosmic Cube, which in fact had the capacity to transform truth.

Van Lente Primary

If go out machine broke, making MODOK and you can Jodie stuck before, it wanted an earlier Monica Rappaccini, which MODOK eventually accepted got created the amount of time server as opposed to your. They found the girl within a science Bisexual dating sites reasonable from the Van Lente Primary College or university. Title of your college is a good nod so you can comics copywriter Fred Van Lente, exactly who co-written Monica Rappaccini with artist Leonard Kirk. Van Lente along with co-authored new artwork unique and this passionate the movie Cowboys and you can Aliens.

Grasp Pandemonium

While you are Wonder Comics features certain incredibly strange letters along side decades, Master Pandemonium ed Martin Preston, Learn Pandemonium was born shortly after Preston died in a vehicle crash and you may bargained to your devil Mephisto to save his lifetime. Mephisto switched Preston, replacing their arms and legs which have demons. Due to the fact comics sorts of Grasp Pandemonium tormented south-west Shore Avengers (and you will, at a time, advertised his arms was indeed Wanda Maximoff’s twin people), their equivalent for the MODOK torments daytime television viewers because a talk tell you servers, whoever inform you Jodie seems towards if you are creating the woman guide.

Certain Surprise Aliens

Forced to attend a beneficial GRUMBL frontrunners appointment, MODOK schemed to open up a portal in order to an enthusiastic alien business and you may fake an invasion, to the goal of “thwarting” told you intrusion to seem such a character prior to the GRUMBL Panel off Directors. MODOK scrolled using multiple alien races if you’re setting-up the latest site, dismissing the shapeshifting Skrulls (“Too slimy!”), the newest Shi’Ar (“Also aroused!”) as well as the all-enjoying battle known as the People. (“Which have a large lead is actually My material!”) MODOK in the end paid to your Brood; a hurry off parasitic bugs considered the fresh new universe’s basic predators.

The Ciegrimites

To MODOK’s wonder therefore the contentment of fulfilling attendees, his webpage ended up unleashing a beneficial horde off Ciegrimites in place of Brood drones. Basic looking inside Hercules #cuatro, the new Ciegrimites is a hurry away from alien snail boys, notable within world for their skills since the brewers plus the wide variety of alcoholic beverages obtained written. Without while the immediately fatal due to the fact Brood and other even more threatening alien types, the Ciegrimites proved to be dangerous in another way, being deadly cluster dogs whose insatiable hedonism brought about most other beings in order to cluster up until they die.

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